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This is my real artist statement

While my artwork may seem impersonal, rational and scientific on the surface, in truth, my paintings are entirely personal and emotionally driven. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for many years, and use the process of depicting these intricately detailed galaxies and nebulae to continually remind myself that the universe will always be greater than my problems seem to be- that I am only a cog within the myriad of systems within systems that encompass our bodies, our planet, our solar system, our galaxy and our universe. If nothing I do or feel truly matters in the grand scope of things, why worry about it? I am prone to using escapism as a coping method, and disappearing into the soft hazy beautiful light of a nebula is the furthest escape I can possibly imagine.
I strive for accuracy because the process I take in creating my work reminds me that every dot I place on my canvas has a greater significance than I do- in a galaxy, each dot is a star, most of them bigger than our own sun, with its own system of planets and possible life forms. In my city light paintings, each dot is a city where millions were born, lived and died- each dot is and has been beloved to someone, somewhere, who has no idea I exist and will never care.

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